We had an amazing time at Ft. Flagler for Dance Camp 2013!

There were morning and afternoon classes; DJ's playing every night; circles, rituals, crazy play and spontaneous happenings; beach walks, forest walks, and many merry meals -- we ALL came together to create a wonderful experience for everyone! 

Here's an idea of the schedule for 2013.

And SOME of the facilitators that shared their gifts:

Sacred Circle Dance

Sacred Circle Dance

Sacred Circle Dance  will be hosting sets and teaching a class on how to DJ.

Sacred Circle Dance Community was formed in 2004 and has grown to be the largest weekly dance in Portland, and, probably, in the Northwest. The original format was designed by Vinn Marti, the creator of Soul Motion, as an embodiment of his Dance Ministry practice. Today, a dedicated group of organizers and volunteers continue to create this spiritually-based community dance.  

Our DJ’s put together an eclectic set of music to create a state of flow in our bodies. Tracks start slow and meditative, build in intensity, and then slow back down again to a point of stillness. Our music sets create an environment to support personal growth, encourage connection to others, and access the fun and healing power of creative expression through movement.

We encourage people of all ages and abilities to sink into the body in the safe, beautiful and sacred community-created space

Jo Cobbett

Jo Cobbett

Jo Cobbett.  An amazing teacher!  She's one of the most beloved teachers at the Northern California Dance Collective Summer Camp.  Her classes are profound, warm, intelligent, grounded, sensual, safe, risky, fun, and transformative. We are so appreciative that she's flying up from southern California to help get our new Camp started well.  One of several experiences she'll lead is Fumbling Toward Ecstasy:

This is a lifelong fascination, and one that has brought me through many teachers. As you dance with me you may hear whispers of these teachers within my voice: Gabrielle Roth (discovered the 5 Rhythms™) Susan Harper (creator of Continuum Montage) and Vin Marti (creator of Soul Motion).
The first part of class is Sweat Your Prayers; an hour where music is the teacher encompassing the 5 Rhythms™:
While you can’t get it ‘wrong,' there may be people in the space who seem more practiced; let them inspire you… maybe they’ve been doing it for years, maybe it’s their first time, this is a cauldron of infinite possibilities and you may transform yourself here.
In the second part of the class we will go on a guided journey together, exploring breath, becoming fascinated with our bodies, our movements, our dance, our relationships to self, others, and the tribe.
Each class is different, so much of it comes from who shows up.
This is movement as a spiritual practice. It can be the most fun you have ever had, and it can bring up a flood of other emotions equally easily. A major tenet of the work is to keep moving. The impulse may be to let old feelings that get triggered engulf you. We strongly suggest that you let the dance continue the process, follow it and acknowledge it but don’t let emotions stop you from going on to your next level.

Stu Phillips is a professional contact improvisational dance performer and teacher for over 25 years, teaching and performing throughout the U.S., Canada and New Zealand, also teaching and performing improvisational dance and theater for 30 years throughout US. The focus is full expression, tuning to emotional and energetic reality constantly in personal flows, portraying that onto students with gentle psychic sensitivity. He is based in Oakland, California.


Stuart Phillips

Sandy Pendleton

Sandy Pendleton.  Gather with spiritually minded sisters in the sanctity of sacred circle, free from the gaze of patriarchy. Together we will dive into our innate body-wisdom, exploring deep receptivity, sensate awareness, devotion, harnessing of power and the living breathing Goddess. This slow moving devotional practice cultivates subtle-body awareness of Shakti, the life-force flowing throughout the body, weaving together the energies of the Womb, Heart and Third-Eye. The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is a devotional meditation originated by Vajra Ma and is the core lineage practice of her mystery school, Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood.


Carola Marashi

Carola Marashi M.A. is Co-Founder of Body Choir Community.  She has owned and operated Ecstatic Dances in Austin, Sante Fe, Houston, Ashland, San Francisco, and Medford. She's the author of Sensual Eating and Sacred Dance, and Sacred Dance Card Deck with original art. Her passion is drawing out Spontaneous Combustion of Awe-thenticity with movement and sound.

Conjuring compassionate wisdom and sharp intuition, her Ministry penetrates the wall between verbal and non-verbal communication. She is facilitating Body Choir and DJing.

 Michael Suzerrisstarted Yogalife with the intention of creating a place for healing and transformation through yoga. He recognized the amazing potential of yoga as a path for healing after experiencing a life-altering spinal injury in 1978. He spent many years recovering and rehabilitating on his own. In those years Michael cultivated a therapeutic physical and mental practice through an intuitive process that was, in its essence, yoga. Michael teaches everything from gentle to advanced classes, and offers something for everyone in his all-level classes.  Michael also runs Om Culture, one of the places in Seattle where dance and our community evolve.

Michael Suzerris

Lawrence Cole

Lawrence Cole

Lawrence Cole, a song writer and leader from Singing Alive will help open our circles, teach us songs and dances and inspire us with personal and political wisdom. He is kind, brilliant, wise, sweet, inspirational and fun.  He says,

Part of my mission is to re-acquaint people with their birthright and natural ability to make beautiful and meaningful sound together. Most of the songs I’ve written are short, easy to learn, chant-like songs with several layers that fit over and around each other in interesting and pleasurable rhythmic and harmonic challenges that make them fun to sing. Group singing is one of the most ancient and primal “technologies of belonging” that we humans have been using since our earliest times, possibly before speech itself. When we make joyous and passionate song together, it nourishes our souls and offers an enlivening gift back to the natural world that made us and gives us our sustenance and our very being. When such an exchange is genuinely made, and the song finds its natural ending, often there is a sweet, lively silence in which we simply stand and hold the “enchantment,” the sense of deep and genuine communion.

Karen Fletcher

Our Dancing Village Family Dance Jam is a co-sponsoring partner of Dance Camp Northwest.  It was founded by Karen Fletcher as part of her QiDancing program. This dance is for kids of ALL ages – families, kids, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, sisters, brothers, friends – all people who love to play and dance and who desire to support and co-create health and happy families in our community! Created by the vision of having our Village to raise our healthy families, we start by coming together to dance, play and be our own Dancing Village. 

Brooklin Kayce

Brooklin Kayce

Brooklin Kayce  facilitates Dance Embodied in Seattle, providing an opportunity for people to redefine play for themselves — embracing the innocent to the erotic. Through dance we find our connection to personal expression and freedom in our bodies—embracing vulnerability into strength and acceptance and fun!  A pilgrimage of self-revelation rooted in action and movement. Reveal passion, power, presence & PLAY! In our evening with a subtle tantric flavor, meet others, outline our 'container' of expression, play and connect.  Her vision to fully express her full human potential on our planet; and in so doing, resonate with others to create profound awakening and healing as we enter/create/transform together into our new planetary consciousness.  She will be on the teams DJing and creating and facilitating the Sultry Cafe on Wednesday night.  Bring your sexy garb and prepare to get your flirt on in a very safe, very yummy, space.



Franklin Markowitzan ecstatic dance facilitator in Seattle and Portland for over 20 years, will be DJing and facilitating. He has created three dance modalities with specific purposes:

The first is Euphoria: A Dance Odyssey  a wave created with the intention of facilitating a journey inward, and creating intention; second is the Morphic Field: A Dance Of  Creation – we reach into the Morphic field with intention to create our new reality; and lastly Immersion: Devotion In Dance (co-created with Brooklin Kayce) – where we offer gratitude, thanks, prayer and meditation for having already received that which we desired. All three are seamless mixes of World Fusion.  I believe when we move rhythmically, we are de-armoring our bodies, and this can lead to breakthroughs to healing in all three areas, especially when we are empowered with information we may not have had before.

Scot Robinson

Flying Turtle Dance

Flying Turtle Dance.  Scot Robinson, tribal weaver, organizer and wild, whimsical guide of Turtle Dance will be one of our DJs, inviting us into the open and eclectic Turtle mosaic.

Tai Hubbert

Tai Hubbert

Tai Hubbert  draws upon her deep roots in yoga, meditation, breath and shamanism to help individuals ignite the desire, confidence, insight, and compassion to reclaim their life and enjoy a deeper connection to self, others, nature, and spirit.  

James Schaberg

James Schaberg

James Schaberg  Zipper Dance is a dynamic method of partner dancing through co-leadership. Equal “co-leader” roles provide an alternative to the traditional social dance roles of “lead” and “follow.” Co-creative improvisation replaces memorizing steps and complicated sequences. Zipper Dance brings two sides together into a balanced union that moves as one to any music. Experiencing a shared center in the present moment allows partner dancing to spontaneously unfold.

The Zipper method empowers dancers to listen and express to each other without words. Both partners extend invitations and respond with their unique choices. Dances are filled with freedom, passion, and opportunity. You will discover new ways to trust and communicate as you create playful movement with a partner.  Developing your skills of core connection, creativity, and co-leadership will reach beyond the dance floor into every area of your life.

Laura Musikanski

Laura Musikanski

Laura Musikanski, The Happiness Initiative. An interactive session on transforming ourselves and our economy. 

About the Initiative:  Our Mission is to improve the well-being of society by reducing emphasis on economic growth and focusing on the domains that lead to life satisfaction, resilience and sustainability.

We believe that individual happiness is intrinsically linked to societal well-being – the domains of happiness – and that there is a deep interrelationship between  individual happiness and the well-being of our society, economy  and environment.  

We believe in grassroots activism; that while change happens from the bottom up, you  also need the top.  We support the spread of Happiness Initiatives at all scales. 

We believe that  you get what you measure, and that measuring the happiness of our society, companies, campuses and institutions will set us all on the path for happiness.  Our Gross National Happiness Index is the measure we provide. 

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson

    Tim Anderson  has attended Dance New England summer camp 20 times where he's taught breathwork, men's work, high school kids and/or sociocracy for eighteen years, and been on the board for six.  He will help keep the camp process moving, facilitating some circle dance, flocking, partnering, meetings, governance, men's work, breathwork and whatever along the way.

Turtle Spirit Jam Ocean Ceremony

Turtle Spirit Jam Ocean Ceremony


Turtle Spirit JamTiffany Ann, co-host and Turtle Ambassador will be sharing a unique community ceremonial experience where we take a journey using our drums, flute, didj, chimes, rattles and dance to explore the otherworlds for insight and healing, for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

Maureen Freehill

Maureen Freehill

Maureen Freehill  is the Artistic Director of MomoButoh Dance Company offering collaborations, performances, films & training inspired by Butoh founder Kazuo Ohno. It is inspired by somatic and spiritual leaders and practitioners and committed to dance as integrally woven into the fabric of every body, every day, every place. She runs Butopia, a Butoh practice & retreat sanctuary on Whidbey Island.  She'll facilitate Butoh/Embodied Art and Nature/Body Ritual. 

Jens Wazel

Jens Wazel

Jens Wazel  is a certified Soul Motion teacher, and has been teaching and DJing since 2006, including at the Northern California Dance Collective dance camp. Soul Motion is a form of conscious dance that accesses and embodies authentic presence. Jens has studied with the designer of Soul Motion, Vinn Marti, since 2004. He has also worked with Anna Halprin, Susan Harper, Nancy Stark Smith, Michael Molin-Skelton, and many other great teachers. In addition to dance, Jens also has 15+ years of training, performance, and teaching experience in clown, movement theater,  improvisation,  and dance theater. He is combining all these elements into a unique offering of heartfelt play and soulful depth.

Dream Dance

Dream Dance

 Dream Dance. Honoring individual desire for creative, spiritual freedom and celebrating the collective, Dream Dance is a blend of ancient and modern trance dance. Go deep and explore the nature of your being through the power of music and movement. A Dream Dance team will DJ and facilitate most or all of Monday night.


David Cates

David Cates  Shaman, gifted guide, healer, therapist, leader, lover, coyote, David will offer:

Group Heart Game. A guided sync-in to the communal heart field of the entire camp. Powerful. Tingly. Awash in love vibes.

Tantric Tune-Up. Moving meditation to fully open the senses, and juice up the ecstatic circuitry for your dancing pleasure.)  

Deep Masculine Mojo. Bring up the masculine moves, embody that animal essence, stretch your edges as a gift to the whole community.


DJ Shawn

DJ Shawn is a Facilitator/DJ at OmCulture's Thursday Night Synthesis Dance. He spins world, old school, recent – something for everyone – to move the body and emotions: joy, sorrow, anger, silliness, sultry. Lots of sultry. All in the name of fun. Bring an extra shirt or two, ‘cus you’ll soak through a few.

Bruce Carloye

Bruce Carloye has been dancing since 1996 and creating dances since 1998 - including Flying Turtle, Changing Room, and the Sunday Movement Group in Seattle. He is a facilitator/trainer for Houston’s Dance Evolution. Bruce has explored a wide range of mind/body/dance modalities, including Butoh, Gurdjieff Movements, Contact Improv, Authentic Movement, modern dance, Continuum, Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms ®, and the primary source for this class: Pablo Bobbio’s Silent Language of the Body.  He will teach Body of Movement with Beth, his wife, and DJ.


Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance, Seattle has made amazing, cathartic, deep movement happen twice a week, for years now, and has inspired many of the Northwest's dances.  Mary Anderson will cook up a strong brew and Sherry is Dancing will serve it up!

Johanna Gilje

Johanna Gilje is a body based artist who draws from a variety of somatic practices and creative disciplines to explore interpersonal communication through movement. She encountered Cuban Salsa through Bellingham's Salsa Dance School, Rumba Northwest.  She then lived in Havana for more Salsa training. Johanna graduated this spring with a degree from The Evergreen State College entitled Body in Context: Somatic Psychology and Performing Art.

Cuban Salsa is a form of expression that requires sensate internal awareness as well as refined sensitivity to a partner, the music and the surrounding space. This introduction to Cuban Salsa will be an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of this fun and vibrant dance form with an emphasis on groundedness, assertion, receptivity and timing. Through solo and partner work we will learn elements of Cuban styling as well as explore the subtle skills of asserting and receiving through the body when dancing with a partner. Please come with an eagerness to lead and be lead, to follow and be followed.


Stormy Ganton

Stormy Ganton.  Trained in classical belly dance and American Tribal Style she most loves tribal fusion, a form of belly dance that combines many forms of dance and is often performed improvisationally.

Currently I am a graduate student at Antioch University in the Center for Creative Change with my undergraduate degree being in Women’s Studies. I integrate my background in women’s studies and women’s spirituality into my dance classes by using guided imagery, movement and discussion to help women find, heal, and connect with their inner Goddess. I encourage women to embrace their feminine, sensual selves and express their full creativity through connecting with our second chakra energy.

Kimaya Lutz

Kimaya Lutz will offer meditation and silent meditation in the morning.

The path to self-realization requires fortitude, courage, compassion (mostly for oneself), faith and letting go of all these oh-so-comforting safety zones. Once I tasted the sweetness of silence, there was no way back to dullness and suffering. I am forever grateful for the deeply transforming insights I gained through becoming an authorized Sambodha teacher. I have been traveling this path now for more than 14 years, and the wonders keep unfolding… We all are so much deeper than words can ever describe! Let’s start listening to what is really called from us in life, becoming fully available to that need and answering it through our inspiration and creativity. Life for me is the eternal dance of love, forever changing.

Community Offerings

  We will also have class times reserved on the schedule for people to explore volunteering their skills and experiences with the community. These community offerings will allow us to deepen our sense of community by softening the edges between roles of teacher and learner, leader and follower, and to expand our appreciation of who we are collectively and individually. We are an assortment of phenomenally talented, accomplished, and creative folks. Share your inner wealth! You may tell us about your community offering as you register, or announce it at Camp.