Peace Council - We are here for YOU!

·    What are we?

We are a specific group available to help you with issues that emerge at Camp, which may be larger than you want to hold by yourself, more than you want to share with your friends, or even feel like you want or are able to voice with your Small Group. The core group of Peace Council is formed beforehand, adding council members as needed for additional support, when Camp starts.

·    Who are we?

We are active and compassionate listeners.

We are skilled mediators and counselors.

We hold you, your information, and your experience with respect, empathy, confidentiality, and loving attention.

We work with you to resolve discomfort, conflict, and confusion, that may happen when interacting closely with others at camp, or that may come up personally for you as an individual.

We strive to create clarity around possible boundary violations.

We strive to keep you, and the community, safe and honored.

We work with the Safer, Braver, Sexier committee to uphold a culture of consent and inclusion.

We are empowered, with the help and approval of the DCNW board, to make interventions should we discern an individual and/or the community is endangered.

·    Why were we formed?

We are all human, and we experience feelings and emotions. Sometimes, we have experiences that are unexpected, uninvited, or confusing. We want everyone at camp to have a safe place to be authentically witnessed in these experiences. We will provide support and assistance to the best of our ability, to help you cope with what comes up at camp, when you need it.

·    Where are we?

We are all around camp -  at lunch, on the dance floor, in the dorms, on the campground, and staying locally. We will make ourselves readily available, if at all possible. Or, we will physically go find another person from Peace Council to assist you, if we are not.

·    How can you find us?

We will introduce ourselves at opening circles.

We will have a list of our names posted in the Dining Hall.

We will let Small Group leaders know who we are.

Teachers and facilitators will also be aware of who we are, and can help you identify one of us.

And lastly, remember….we are here for YOU. We want you to have the best Dance Camp experience possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out – Enjoy Camp!

This document was written by Sherry R. Hoffman in 2018 and approved for use at DCNW.