The Implementation Circle, and organizers, of our first Dance Camp Northwest are very excited you are coming!

Here are some reminders and some things we haven’t told you yet.

Get your chores out of the way early! We are looking for Chore Coordinators: One to help us get a chore system in place BEFORE camp starts, and one to help people get signed up for chores as they arrive. Organized people, good with systems. Call Tim at 206 604 8284. 

There will be no lunch served on Monday. Bring food to get you to dinner!

If you are coming on Monday, try to arrive between 11am and noon; registration will be officially open at  noon.  Tenters cannot set up tents before 2:30pm and we can't be in the dorms until noon. Dancing, greeting, gathering, singing, circling and classes begin at 1.

Arrival As soon as you arrive, whenever you arrive, please find the Registration Table, in the Dining Hall, and sign the waiver, even if a Registrar is not there.  Registration will be open most of Monday and then during meals.

Plan to depart Friday, after all our cleanup and chores are done, by noon.

Driving Directions

Camp is located eight miles northeast of Hadlock (Port Hadlock), Wash., on the northern tip of Marrowstone Island in Jefferson County.

10541 Flagler Road

Nordland, WA 98358

From Seattle or Edmonds:

Take Kingston Ferry or Bainbridge Island Ferry, and follow signs to Hood Canal Bridge. Cross over and drive five miles, then turn right onto easily-missed Hwy. 19 (Beaver Valley Rd.). Travel 10 miles to the Chimacum four-way stop. Take a right on Chimacum-Center Rd. At four-way stop in Port Hadlock, turn right onto Oak Bay Rd. Go approximately one mile and turn left onto SR 116. Fort Flagler is at end of road, approximately 10 miles from the Oak Bay Rd.

From Port Townsend:

Drive south out of town on Sims Way and continue south on Hwy 20 for approximately 2.5 miles to the stop light. Continue straight onto Hwy 19. Travel three miles to Ness' Corner Road and turn left. At the four way stop in Port Hadlock, continue straight onto Oak Bay Road. After approximately one mile, turn left onto State Route 116. Follow the route to the end of the road and directly into the park.

Park Regulations

Fires are permitted in designated areas only -- do not leave them unattended. Gathering of firewood is not permitted. Bring your own fire wood

Behavior The Park Ranger has the authority to remove any or all members of the group whose behavior at any time is in conflict with any State law, becomes detrimental to the health and safety of the group or other users, or becomes so unruly as to affect reasonable enjoyment of the park by others. 

Cleanup User group is responsible for cleanup of area, failure to do so will result in cleanup fees as well as loss of any use of facility in the future. Contact park staff for inspection prior to departure. 

Signs & Banners Do not post signs or banners on any trees, post or signs in the park. Temporary signs may be used if they are free standing. 

Alcohol Keg alcohol and alcoholic punch bowls are not permitted. 

Amplified devices are not permitted outside.

Parking Do not park vehicles on the lawn area. 

Misc Water balloons, straw bales and egg tosses are not permitted.

Chores Campers are required to help with meals or general camp care. You will select your chore shifts when you register at. You may want to review the (ever-changing) schedule to see what activities you don’t want to miss:

PLEASE ARRIVE 5-10 MINUTES BEFORE THE CHORE SHIFT BEGINS for kitchen or team jobs, allowing time to circle up, attune, breathe and focus on heartfelt community service. Early arrival shows respect for the group. Your mind-full participation benefits all. May chores be an enjoyable part of your camp!

Photography of people is prohibited without the clear, freely-given consent of all subjects.  Please, never do flash photography during evening dances!

Cell Phones Use in solitude, quietly, away from people trying to get away, please.  The State Park says there is cell reception.

Camp Behavior Without imposing a prohibition on substances or men, there will be NO TOLERANCE for creepy, discomforting, stalky, intrusive, aggressive, rude, violent, or threatening behavior often associated with drugs, alcohol and patriarchy (any behavior that may cause emotional or physical harm to you or others).  If there is an issue, the camper may be required to attend a Reconciliation Process, and/leave camp.  :-)

Small Groups are optional meetings for support, check-in, fun and other amazing things for an hour each evening after dinner. There will be time during camp orientation to create and learn about these groups. Examples are Breathwork, Co-Counseling, Twelve Step, Massage, Contact & Meditation, Women Only, Men Only, Singing, Gay/Lesbian/Bi, Parents & Small Children, Turtle and Portland.  Look for one! Consider creating one!


  • your own bedding (sleeping bag, sheets, blankets, pillows) if you plan to stay      in a dorm, plus a tent and sleeping pad if you're camping
  • beach towel, towel
  • forgiveness
  • layers of clothing for warm days and sometimes chilly nights
  • closed-toed shoes and an apron, since you'll likely be working in the kitchen
  • dance gear, dance specific clothes (many shirts to sweat through) and footwear,      kneepads for contact improv, yoga mats
  • a labeled water bottle
  • sunscreen (if you use it), lip balm and foot moisturizer
  • fun, funky, festive attire for those special occasions like the Sultry Café

your own special items to the community altar. This altar's intention is The Love of Dance so bring anything that resonates with you. Flowers are especially welcome (include a vase)

  • drums, musical instruments, juggling toys, hula-hoops, frisbees, etc
  • personal toiletries (unscented please for those of us who are scents-itive!) and healthcare supplies
  • earplugs, and a flashlight and batteries
  • a watch or other timepiece to keep you on time for classes and community service, since clocks are not common at camp.
  • swimming  toys, towels, sun protective gear, sunglasses, and bathing suit if wanted (The water is cold)
  • anything else that will aid your well-being, good health, and comfort at camp candles
  • candles and incense
  • fire wood

Maybe Don't Bring


substances or alcohol if they may cause you or anyone to violate the Camp Behavior policy

Maybe Bring 

  • for the dorm, a blanket and thumbtacks to make a door, plus, an extension cord and a small lamp
  • meat, cooler

decorations: scarves, prayer flags, string lights for the dorm

merchandise or services to sell

chair or pillow to sit on

poetry, Tarot cards, etc.

string lights, or cool lighting for the dance spaces

massage oil

Don’t Bring

  • pets
  • perfumes and other scented products
  • weapons
  • hope for a better past

Rep Circle and Community Meeting This camp, future camps, future DCN weekends, and DCN itself, will be as democratic as possible! Everyone in DCN shall govern it with equal power through Reps who serve transparently in the eight person Rep Circle for three years, renewable once without a break.  Reps earn a year of free camp for every year they serve.  Reps make policy and procedures that reflect the will of all members.  RC Reps also select members of working groups that carry out the operations that reflect the policies the RC sets out.

You will be given proxy cards at registration. Whenever you arrive at camp, write your name on a card, or cards, and, offer them to people you would like to represent you in the Dance Camp Northwest Rep Circle. You should give at least one card, to guarantee you will be represented, but you may give more.  

When you give a card, tell your potential Rep why you think they will represent you well.  If offered a card, please don’t refuse it until you have heard all the reasons why you’ve been asked.  Consider accepting it provisionally, as you may be offered more cards and reasons to accept them.  You will also have the chance on Tuesday to give cards you’ve received, and your own, to another person, to represent you and anyone who has entrusted you with a card.

The Governance Wall (which will move on line after camp) will mirror the card holdings. You should place your card beneath the cards of people you have given your cards to.  They, in turn, after the Tuesday meeting, may move their card, and yours, under people they pick to represent you all.  If you don’t like their choice, simply move your card from their Rep to another Rep, both in person, and on the wall.

Your chosen Rep or Reps do NOT have be at this camp, but they should be people you think you may be able to convince to represent you in DCN and, thus, should be themselves interested in participating in DCN.  If your Rep isn’t at camp you will have to make a card for them and place it on the Wall.

On Tuesday over lunch all people with proxy cards, Reps, will meet with the Implementation Circle to begin get the Rep Circle down to eight and begin governing.  After camp, the Implementation Circle should be able to retire. On Wednesday the Rep Circle (RC) of eight will meet with the Implementation Circle.  The RC will also take part in planning and facilitating the Community Meeting on Thursday afternoon during Forth Period.

In consultation with the outgoing Implementation Circle, the Rep Circle, representing everyone affected by their work will take over the task of policy making.  They will also appoint appropriate members to working groups responsible for making camps happen in the closest possible accord with the will of all concerned.

Camp Coordinating Group (CCG) Members serve for two years and get hands-on organizing experience, free camp for each year they serve, plus an extra free camp after they complete their term. Reps from RC and PC plus all the working groups, including RC, PC Music, Teachers, Kitchen, Young People’s Program and more, make up the CCG. CCG Members are selected by the RC. Feel free to express your interest in serving!

Peace Council The PC reports to the RC and sends reps to the CCG. The PC deepens the safety, love, and power of camp and campers. Council members make Mediators available and offer workshops to the camp and policy proposals to the Rep Council. They process conflicts not resolved by mediation. A good number of Peace Council members should have therapy, healing, or social work experience. You may be asked by the Implementation Circle or Rep Circle to serve on the Peace Council at this or future Camps. Feel free to express your interest in serving!