The Young People's Program (YPP)
The YPP offers a welcoming and vibrant experience for children 4-14, and older if appropriate. Our experienced (and background checked!) teaching-staff creates a fun, full-day program—after breakfast to dinner—providing a safe, inclusive and playful environment for all. Activities may include dance, arts & crafts, theater games, environmental exploration, sports, music and more. There will also be regular programming that is open and accessible to kids, so parents, kids and community can explore together. Programming varies with the age-ranges and the skills our teachers bring. If you have any questions about the Young People's Program, please email.

Info For Teens  
The majority of our programming will be open to teens 14 and older. We will provide a Teen Program Coordinator (TPC), to serve as an additional adult resource and ally for teens at camp. Teens are invited to share ideas, issues, or needs with the TPC, so that camp will be as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Specific teen space can be created, if desired. If you have any question or are interested in contributing to Teen programming, please contact us.

Info For Ages 3 and Under  
We will be coordinating co-op style care for our youngest campers.  If you plan to join us with children 3 and under, please let us know, and we will pair you with other parents with kids in similar age ranges. 

Our Teachers
We will add teacher bios on an on-going basis, as they are confirmed.  Below is last years 2017 teachers so you can get an idea on the type of programming we offer.


Lauren E. Harrison, MA, is a dance/movement therapist, dancer and teaching artist with twenty years experience as a mind/body educator. She currently works as part of an interdisciplinary team of specialists who support children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and various mental health challenges. Lauren is the Chairperson of the Washington State Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA). She is a volunteer with Circle of Friends for Mental Health, an organization that provides arts classes to individuals experiencing chronic mental illness, homelessness and addiction. In her free time she practices yoga, makes arts and crafts and hangs out with her cats. She is deeply committed to co-creating safe spaces for self-expression, creative play and social connection to occur.

Lo Nathamundi is the founder of the Kaleidoscope Community Yoga project. Lo has over 13 years of yoga experience, and has studied many styles, including viniyoga, bikram, ashtanga, iyengar, kundalini, yin yoga, partner yoga, and acro-yoga. Besides yoga, he also has an extensive background in other dance, movement, and healing arts. He has studied shintaido, tai chi, kung fu, bagua, aikido, qi gong, and capoeira.
He has dance experience with contact improv, square dancing, contra dancing, 5 rhythms, swing, tango, modern, ballet, and rueda de casino. He is also a devoted student of thai massage and healing dance aquatic massage.

Lo speaks English, Spanish, and Swedish, and translates poetry and literature in his spare time. He brings his love of languages to students of yoga the world over.

Espirito Santo is a dance improvisation artist . A specialist in contact dance improvisation, butoh. With a background in voice, theatre, gymnastics, contemporary dance and Yoga. She performs, creates and teaches dance and yoga to all ages in Vancouver Canada.

Lauren Dancing.jpg


Fawnia Chauvaux is a Teacher, Therapist, Performer, and Choreographer with an extensive movement background in Dance, Yoga, and Physical Therapy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Washington with emphasis on World Dance and Culture. She is a diverse dancer with a background in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, African, Brazilian, Latin dance and Zumba. She also is a Certified Yoga Teacher and has taught Yoga to adults and children.  She has experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant teaching kids with special needs. She has been teaching dance to all ages for 15 years.

Ethan Clarkmoore has been facilitating blindfolded movement since 2006 after experiencing Karl Frost’s 2 hour blindfolded theater experience called Axolotl. He holds semiregular public events at Yogalife Greenlake 1st Saturdays as well as private events in Seattle and has shared this with Portland, Oakland and in the Northwest Music Festival scene. The music sets are soft and ambient to dancey with occasional live music sets from local artists who sonically guide the collective movement flow.

Robyn Bjornson began working with youth at om culture 5 years ago where she developed her leadership for creating dance and movement games with children. From there she completed a Creative Dance teacher training, with Anne Green Gilbert in Seattle where she learned brain compatible dance education, and how to teach dance to people of all ages that is holistic in nature and uses methods to further develop the brain and body connection. Robyn is currently studying Dance choreography, and Dance therapy at the Evergreen state college, and is teaching partner dance classes in Olympia Washington. For the past year she has been in several different Butoh dance performances and been studying dance and movement daily. Robyn's movement background is a fusion of Yoga, Partner Acrobatics, Blues Dancing, Contact improv, Ecstatic dance and Butoh dance theater. She is an avid mover and shaker, and loves to create classes and dance pieces that help gently push peoples edges, learn new ways to feel and connect with their bodies and experience different ways to interact with others on the dance floor. She has worked and taught people with all different ages and backgrounds and believes in the power of dance to heal on a personal, relational and global scale. Her spirit in playful, gentle, and excited about getting people to dance!

Anto Ferrante has developed his own style of yoga to bring balance to the physical, emotional and mental states by blending viniyoga, qigong, kundalini yoga, pranayama and meditation. He has been practicing viniyoga over the past 18 years and has been teaching yoga in Seattle Public Schools and privately for the past five years. He has also been a passionate ecstatic and contact improvisation dancer for the past seven years. His goal is to awaken awareness and bring balance to others, and help them to find and express their full potentials. Anto’s teaching style is playful and his friends think that his smile is contagious.

In his day job, Anto is a Professor at the University of Washington, where he teaches students to shoot for the stars and launch their careers as aeronautical engineers.


James Schaberg has been sharing with the world his love for co-creative partner dance for over ten years. He travels across North America participating in dance performances and facilitating social dance workshops.

Montana native, Jess Pearl is an energetic and playful
therapist for children with autism, as well as a yoga teacher for prisoners.  She can often be found taking a break from therapy to fly her little clients in acroyoga postures! Prior to becoming a behavioral therapist, Jess spent two years in India, where she first worked with low-income school teachers to develop interactive, globally-minded programming for students.
In her second year, Jess served as program manager for 21 international fellows working in the schools.  Jess will bring both a passion for engaging kids in dynamic and creative ways, and a strong ability to lead and manage youth programs to
Dance Camp Northwest.