View of our Camp at Ft. Flagler from above

View of our Camp at Ft. Flagler from above

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to get a taste of what will be happening at Dance Camp Northwest this summer.

Monday - Sunday, Aug 19 - 25th, 2019
Fort Flagler, WA

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Relax, Blend, Surrender, Melt, Ignite, Emerge

Come to summer camp! We're building and running it together, by consent, with equivalence, transparency, wildness, safety and FUN! And we invite YOU to join us!

We continue to reach out to the ecstatic, contact, electronic music,  world, blues, tango, swing, and related dance communities in the Northwest, inviting dance organizers, teachers, activists, healers, artists and anyone who cares to invest in and own our camp!

There will be professional classes all day for all ages; ample opportunity for community offerings; delicious, healthy meals; and a variety of evening events and jams well into the night!

Tickets Available Now!