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Dance Camp is sponsored by Dance Collective Northwest, a 501c3 Washington State Non-Profit
-- a volunteer-run, creative collective of people who love to move.

We emphasize:

  •  efforts that co-create community 
  •  respect for differences among individuals and cultures
  •  empowerment of children, elders, and all community members
  •  acknowledgement that our bodies and environment are amazing and sacred
  •  a free, safe and respectful environment for self-expression
  •  nonviolence and creative conflict resolution
  •  acknowledgement of the contributions we each make to our community

Volunteerism  is our primary resource: our members will contribute hundreds of people-hours to co-create Camp and make it a treasure. More than just a vacation, it's a community in which you are invited to participate in any way you can. We can't do it without each other. Many hands make light work. Work together for a common goal is satisfying, fun, and connects us to others in new ways!  Work together makes camp affordable and available to a diverse community of fantastic folks.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining a committee. 

Behind the Scenes: Dance Camp Northwest
with Tim Anderson, co-founder
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Community Insight: Benefits of Ecstatic Dance
with David Cates, tantra teacher
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The way we decide will greatly determine what we decide.  Dance Camp Northwest is committed to maximizing inclusion, power-equivalence, transparency, brilliance and happiness. We will ask folks to select Reps to serve as two-way communicators of consent as our community constellates and grows. All reps must be in their roles exclusively to serve, never to have power-over anyone. Reps should each represent about four members, meeting during an between camps, helping to select the SpokesCouncil (like a Board). All decisions, including election of SC members, are provisional, transparent and subject to the consent, and removal of consent, by any affected by them. 

The Board  is the consent-selected governing members in service to Dance Camp Northwest. In conversation and full consent with the whole community they create policy and program, build the budget, select the CCG, PC, Registrar, Cook, Bookkeeper, Camp Manager, and do long-term visioning and planning. If you know someone appropriate for the board, please talk to folks connected to the process, or email your nomination, including why you think this person would be appropriate for the position. Board members are expected to be involved with other aspects of camp and meet regularly. Their expenses for meetings may be covered and they receive a free camp for each year they serve.

Camp Coordinating Group (CCG)  members work for two years in several committees. They get lots of hands-on organizing experience, free camp for each year they serve, plus an extra free camp after they complete their two year term. They are selected by the board in consultation with the community.

Peace Council  The PC deepens the safety, love, and power of camp and campers. Council members make Mediators available to resolve conflict, offer workshops to the camp and make policy proposals to the board. They process conflicts not resolved by mediation. Most Peace Council members have therapy, healing, or social work experience. The PC consults with non-PC therapists and healers and others in the community — as needed to make camp safe, deep, and edgy.